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Disney Announces Incredibles and Cars Sequels Underway

18 March 2014

The Incredibles

At Disney's annual shareholders' meeting this morning, CEO Bob Iger announced some big news for Pixar fans. Sequels to two existing Pixar franchises are now underway:

Cars 3, which is sure to ruffle a few feathers given that the two films in that franchise are generally seen by adult critics as the least appealing of Pixar's offerings. Young kids seem to eat it up though, and it is easily the most successful Pixar franchise as far as merchandising is concerned.

Much more exciting to me, and most Pixar fans I'll assume, is the announcement that a sequel to The Incredibles is now officially underway. There have been rumors to that effect for years. Of all Pixar films, The Incredibles begs most for a sequel (and fans have been doing just that).