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21 October 2015

The Good Dinosaur: New Full Length Trailer. Beautiful.

6 October 2015

D23 Expo: Extensive Details About Coming Pixar Films

14 August 2015

Disney's annual D23 Expo is underway, and the Pixar panel this afternoon had a host of juicy information about Pixar's upcoming films. Here's a quick roundup of the news:

posters for Pixar's upcoming films

The Good Dinosaur

  • Landscape shots that were shown are described as extremely beautiful and realistic.
  • An emotional clip was shown where Arlo (the dinosaur) and Spot (the boy), unable to verbally communicate, bond over lost family members.
  • Very positive feedback overall.

Finding Dory

Casting Details:

  • Dory: Ellen DeGeneres
  • Marlin: Albert Brooks
  • Nemo: Hayden Rolence
  • Dory's Mom, Jenny: Diane Keaton
  • Dory's Dad, Charlie: Eugene Levy
  • Hank the Octopus: Ed O'Neill
  • Bailey the Beluga Whale: Ty Burrell
  • Destiny the Whale Shark: Kaitlin Olson

Other tidbits:

  • Many of the cast including Ellen DeGeneres, Ty Burrell, Ed O'Neill appeared on-stage at the event.
  • Animators are having fun with Hank, the octopus and his camouflage and walking animations.
  • Destiny and Bailey have brother/sister relationship, but Bailey thinks his bulging Beluga Whale forehead is an injury, and Destiny believes she's a whale.

Dory and Hank from Finding Dory

Coco (Lee Unkrich's Dia de los Muertos film)

  • Official name Coco announced today.
  • A young boy, Miguel, is the lead character and plays guitar.

Toy Story 4

  • Bo Peep will return in Toy Story 4!
  • The film is primarily a love story between Woody and Bo Peep after Woody and Buzz set off to find her.

Thanks to @osteoferocious and other D23 attendees who live-Tweeted news from the event.

Breathtaking Scenery from The Good Dinosaur

12 August 2015

Mountain scenery from The Good Dinosaur

First Full Length Trailer for The Good Dinosaur

21 July 2015