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Compelling Clues Hint at New Pixar Short

Some interesting evidence has sprung up that suggests that Tumblr blog, Rainy City Tales 332, that chronicles the production cycle of an as-yet unannounced short film project, is actually about the next Pixar short film. The Pixar Times points to clues like an abundance of Pixar employee followers on Twitter, and an image of some whiteboard scribbles that read "stealing MU system" — with "MU" presumably referring to Monsters University, Pixar's next feature-length film that this short would likely be screened with.

Revealing Whiteboard Notes

As I was digging back through the Tumblr blog myself, I found what I believe to be the most compelling evidence in a post written on May 4th:

Who would have thought snow days happen even in California. Well, if you think of hydrogen as California's snow. Ah well, so I'm off to a 3 day weekend, planning a few city walks to collect stories, details and observations to enrich the lovely world we are creating.

Rainy City Tales 332

This in reference to the hydrogen leak in a bus yard near Pixar that forced the evacuation of Pixar and several nearby schools and businesses.

The Tumblr blog talks a lot about inanimate city objects expressing emotions true to their natures, a concept not unfamiliar to Pixar. There is also an unusual focus on the study of rainy cities. Take what you will from those clues about the story.

Rainy City Tales 332 said repeatedly a few weeks ago that the official reveal would happen on July 3rd, but then decided to postpone it to the following week (this week) so as not to be overshadowed by Independence Day in the states.