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Small Fry Sneak Peek

Buzz Lightyear and Kids Meal BuzzTwo new stills from upcoming Toy Story Toon, Small Fry, ware released yesterday to the media, along with a little glimpse into the plot.

Buzz Lightyear and Kids Meal BuzzBonnie's real Buzz Lightyear gets kidnapped by a Buzz Lightyear impostor from a kids' meal to get some real playtime in Buzz's place. Woody works to right the wrong as Buzz struggles to politely escape the band of misfit kids' meal toys.

Teddy Newton, Pixar director, lends his voice to Kids' Meal Buzz. Angus MacLane, Small Fry director voices many of the other kids' meal toys, and Jane Lynch, of Glee fame, voices the kids' meal toy ring leader mermaid, Neptuna.

Small Fry debuts November 23rd in theaters before The Muppets.