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UP House Neighbors Seek Monochromatic Compliance

UP house Herriman UT in monochromeThe Deseret News reports that a group of grouchy neighbors in Herriman, UT are trying to get the UP house, recently sold to Clinton and Lynette Hamblin, to conform to its monochromatic, earth-tone neighborhood. The homeowners association is deliberating about whether or not the house will be granted an exception to the rule, and will have a decision within 30 days.

The Hamblins are hopeful that they can keep it as is, but are willing to be compliant to establish good will in the neighborhood. Some neighbors appreciate the variety and distinction it brings to the neighborhood, and claim that it even drives up their property values. But Josh Bohrn expects the house to comply with the rules, "We see it every morning when we wake up and eat breakfast. We would like to not have to see multi-colors as we look out of our windows." Oh, what a world.