New Pixar Portal Poll Feature Activated. New Poll: Who's Your Favorite Pixar Villain?

29 December 2012

Pie Chart IllustrationAfter many days of construction over the Christmas break, the new polling feature is officially ready for launch. It has always been on my wish list of desired features, and as of yesterday, it is live on the site. There have been several questions mulling around in my mind that I've been curious to know the popular opinion on for the education and general interest of the Pixar community.

The poll widget is visible in the sidebar on the website (RSS readers will need to visit to vote). The plan is to allow each poll to collect votes for a few days, or weeks. At the end of each poll period I'll summarize the findings in a new article.

So, the new poll for today: Who are your favorite Pixar villains?

Yes, I pared down the list a bit. Some Pixar movies don't have clear villains (like Finding Nemo, for example). Others have multiple villains, some are a bit less prominent, and some are debatably villainous. But, it is what it is.

Anyway, glance over at the sidebar to the right and cast your vote!

Rumor: Original Song Oscar Nomination for Fowlis

27 December 2012

Although the official list of Oscar nominees won't be published for another couple weeks, rumors are circulating that Julie Fowlis has been nominated for the original song Touch the Sky, which she performed for the Brave soundtrack.

Julie Fowlis Oscar Nominee

The Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper, made the original claim. Fowlis has been praised for her clear Gaelic voice, and is easily a front runner for the award in February.

UPDATE: It seems more likely that The Daily Record may have confused the difference between a shortlist and actual nominees.

Monsters, Inc. 3D Blu-Ray Release Details

21 December 2012

The theatrical 3D re-release of Monsters, Inc. has been officially underway for a few days now, and rumors are already coming to the surface about the blu-ray. The first bit of good news is that it will include the popular short Partysaurus Rex, which has quickly become a fan favorite among the current trilogy of Toy StoryToons.

Partysaurus Rex

Partysaurus Rex made its theatrical debut with the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo in theaters, but was not included on the blu-ray. It has, however, been available on iTunes and Amazon for several weeks now.

Additionally, there is a strong rumor (circulated by a listing on that it will hit shelves on the 19th of February, 2013. That would be in sync with the short blu-ray release cycle that saw Finding Nemo 3D in stores about three months later.

Thanks Pixar Talk

Cars Spinoff Planes to Hit Theaters in August

21 December 2012

The Disney-made Cars spinoff, Planes has just been given an official theatrical release date for the 9th of August, 2013.

Disney Animation Planes

The project was not originally meant for theatrical release; it was supposed to go direct to video. This might be a sign that it's turning out a bit better than Disney expected. While this is not a Pixar project, its existence does bear some weight upon the Pixar name because it is a spinoff of a successful Pixar franchise.

It's amazing how many other animated films are incorrectly attributed to Pixar. But this may be the first justifiable cause for confusion. The aesthetic is very intentionally copied from the Pixar style. I suppose in this case it is slightly less “blasphemous” since Pixar is actually owned by Disney.

MU Shirts Available for the Four Armed

21 December 2012

Back in October, Pixar launched a faux website designed to mimic the website of an actual university. The site offers enrollment information, images of the campus and athletic teams, and a store selling Monsters University gear.

Monsters University Store Selling Shirts with Four Arms

Many of the items were real, but some four-armed and two-collared shirts, that would presumably accommodate monsters with such abnormalities, were marked as “sold out” or “coming soon”. Well, as it turns out, there may have actually been some truth behind the images, because as of a few days ago, at least one of the four-armed sweatshirts has actually gone on sale in the store. It remains to be seen whether more of these novelties will be made available.