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Brave to Pioneer New Dolby Atmos Sound

Also announced today at CinemaCon, alongside a slew of other Pixar announcements, is a new collaboration between Dolby and Pixar to use Brave as a pilot for Dolby's new Atmos sound format.

Pixar Brave The Three Lords

Atmos can transmit up to 128 separate lossless audio channels. In the 10–15 theaters that will be Atmos-ready by the release of Brave on June 22nd, speakers will be placed all around the theater, and even overhead for more immersive, atmospheric sound.

This is, I think, the biggest breakthrough in sound that has happened in my career . . . We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can do with this technology. What I could have done on the Transformers movie with this!

Gary Rydstrom

Pixar is a popular testing partner for Dolby. In 2010, Dolby joined up with Pixar in 2010 to offer the first theatrical 7.1 surround sound experience on Toy Story 3.

Thanks Hollywood Reporter